Understand the quality of your customer data and start the journey towards location intelligence.

Does your organisation work in the Agriculture sector? Or have direct and longstanding relationships with grower owners? Then the chances are that you are in the business of collecting geospatial data and information about your customers and clients. Why? Because at its heart, farming and agriculture is inherently spatial. 

These data are absolutely crucial for organisations working in Ag, and according to DAS Analysis “potentially billions in decisions are being based on fragmented, inaccurate, unreliable or incomplete geospatial data”.

This guide provides a pathway for organisations starting the journey of prioritising their geospatial data so that they can begin to accurately locate customers and leverage location intelligence.

What you will learn
  • What DAS Locate is and how it works
  • Which data types are the best for agri-asset geolocation
  • A priority combination of data types for DAS Locate
  • How Locate works in tandem with other DAS Products to enhance analyses

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"Because this is an emerging and dynamic space for the agricultural industry, we see a mapping success rate (after upload) of anywhere between 30 to 60-70% as an excellent result for our customers. Over time, this will continue to improve."

- DAS Analysis

About DAS

DAS is a technology company that delivers Location Intelligence for financial services and enterprises, with a unified system of data, insights, software and CRM integrations. We are a new kind of technology company. A product-focused fintech, we are accelerating innovation across the entire agri-enterprise ecosystem.

Decision makers use DAS’ unique ecosystem of products and services to get the multi-dimensional intelligence they need to lend, insure, invest and sell better in a dynamic climate.

DAS’ innovation is distinguished by its ability to fuse disparate data and disciplines like climate and productivity science together with geospatial technology; earth observation, remote sensing, machine learning and AI. We integrate this multi-dimensional data with our customers’ to deliver unparalleled insights, bringing together the best of public and private knowledge.

Founded in partnership with CSIRO in 2017, DAS pioneered its vision for the Rural Intelligence PlatformTM, transforming how decisions are made in the businesses surrounding agriculture for a safer, more resilient, more prosperous, more sustainable world. Today, DAS’ platform has evolved
to meet an acute area of need for financial services and agri-enterprise: location intelligence.

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